Planned and Qualified Trainings

  • We provide sports education and activities for children between the 4-12 ages in different groups according to their ages and their levels,

  • We work with instructors who are successful in their branches and love and care for children a lot. We use teachers and instructors especially for our programs. They are coming and working only for these lessons and not as an additional work like in many big schools that do in their summer schools.

  • We also ensure that children are prepared in our sports school for life. In our sportive branches, we emphasize concepts such as friendship, sharing, team play, respect and competition,

  • We provide feedback to the families through confidential talent scans that we carry out with the idea that every child may be susceptible to different branches, but may have different abilities as well, and ensure that they turn to the branches that are right for them

  • Our sports school is a social center where education is blended with fun.

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Hemen Ara