Why Winter Camps?

Schools started their new education year and our children who returned from their summer holidays started the school marathon before they could get enough of their holidays. The most important solution for families to get rid of these stresses during their first holidays is winter camps.
Instead of spending time with game consoles in front of the TV and computer, which is the only source of entertainment for children, they have the opportunity to spend their spring holidays with new sports and activities while making new friends.

Why Should I Send My Child To The Winter Camp?

In winter camps children who are gathered with the same aim, learn to support each other, and the concept of friendship with sharing and cooperation.
With the bonds that they create, children who are able to express more freely, are one step ahead in terms of their mental behavior, compared to children that did not engage in such activities. Thus, the feeling of self-confidence and responsibility becomes an integral part of their characters.
Winter camps with activities done in nature, will influence their love for nature and enable their adventurous and explorer sides. Winter camps are designed to improve them socially, physically and emotionally. It will become a sweet and fun memory that they will be able to tell in the future.

Our difference as MUCSS

1. Children between the ages of 04-12 are divided into convenient age groups for proper education.
2. One of our foremost differences is that all lessons and activities are in the English language. This way our children who have English as native language feel like in their hometown or for children who aren’t native speakers develop sympathy for learning new languages while having fun in activities and branches of sports they like.
3. Another difference is that as we welcome children from many different nationalities and cultures, we encourage them to create bonds with kids from different cultures while talking the common language, English.
4. In our Sports School, we raise for the kids who are learning English their awareness of this language, as they gain the confidence to talk and chat, reinforcing their infrastructure. It’s a natural support to their foreign language education.
5. In our school where there are kids from many different cultures and nations, they take an important step in being a world citizen at an early age. In our project, where integration is considered and highly targeted, it is aimed to learn the main sports branches as well as to socialize and develop the human relations of the children.
6. In our programs, teachers are leading with the pedagogic formation and are able to establish English dialogs. With the programs of our experienced coaches, they make new friendships and relieve their stress of school while having fun.
7. In our sports branches, with the help of games that encourage kids to share and compete, we help them to get ready for life. With planned and qualified training, the child’s susceptibility to sports is measured while hidden talent screening is performed. We gave feedback to families whose kids were prone to sports.
In our MUCSS Sports School, fun and education are combined..


Hemen Ara