2020 MUCSS Sports School Winter Camp1

Our English Sports School winter camp with full of different sports branches and educational activities has ended with beautiful memories. Our children met with many different sports branches maybe they even tried for the first time, from swimming to horse riding, ice skating to kids yoga.
In our program, we pay attention to a healthy balanced diet and tried to help their eating habits with breakfast, lunch, and snacks prepared with the utmost care by Shoppe and Denizatı Restaurants. Kids who have attended our camp have delighted us about the food. Their liking to our menu and food we prepared for them made us happy and also motivated furtherly.
For the families who can’t bring kids from the Çankaya district to our camp, bus service was presented by our contracted company GNY Transfer’s luxury cars. With one of our teachers kids were taken from their houses every day and brought back to their houses safely. We are looking also to the transportation time as an education field too where we let sit kids from different cultures together that they can be more close to each other.
Reliable and fun places where our kids can energize and have fun at the same time were chosen for our trips,. Their fun left us many happy memories.
With different and colorful kids from the USA, Bahamas, Morocco, Philistine, France, and the Republic of Turkey we had beautiful participation. In this camp where participation from Charles de Gaulle, known as the French school, for the first time French and English was almost in a race.
However, as a necessity of our project, with our official language English, we raised their awareness of the English language.We thank for the families’ reliance and predilection



Hemen Ara