2019 MUCSS Sports School Winter Camp1

As a result of incoming demand from our MUCSS After-School English sports branches, we organized MUCSS Winter Sports Camp for children who will be in Ankara during Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
Our goal in this camp was to provide much needed holiday, and not get bored at home for the children whose parents was working. Seeing kids who don’t know each other despite living in the same complex being friends with each other, children of different cultures and nationalities such as from USA, Korea, Iran, develop trust and help each other have been a reason for us to look to the future with more hope. Thanks to our teachers who are experienced in their branches and able to develop strong communications and bonds with our kids, branches aside we played a big role for them to have fun in games and activities.
Our program cares about a balanced diet and was prepared by an dietician. With Shoppe Restaurant’s attentive chefs and waiters, we helped them regain their lost energies back with our breakfast, lunch, and snacks with a quality service.




Hemen Ara