After 2018 Summer School

During the summer of 2018, we organized our first summer school where we gave sports-oriented training with children of different ages from 9 different countries South Africa, U.S.A, Egypt, South Sudan, Denmark, Greece, Georgia, including Pakistan and Turkey.
In our English summer sports school, we gave equal importance to having fun and learning different sports branches. Aside from physical sports such as ice skating, gymnastics, dance, basketball, volleyball, judo, soccer, horse riding, badminton, table tennis we gave also the importance to their mental development with mind games, creative drama, survivor games, traditional kids games, English classes, arts and crafts, drawing, cinema and, sightseeing.
On weekdays, our students were picked up from their homes to start their lessons, after having a highly nutritious breakfast prepared by our dietician.
Our children, who had lunch and afternoon snacks, were dropped off to their homes safely again with our teachers after the end of the classes.
Every week, different trips and outdoor activities were planned and our children who participated in the long term were not feeling bored. Certain periods were not determined and families in need had the opportunity to participate whenever they wish, with weekly registrations.
In addition to horseback riding, cinema and excursion activities became one of our favorite activities, where ice skating sports met with great interest.
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Hemen Ara