Our Mission and Visions

With the leadership of experienced instructors at many different sportive and educational branches, to raise individuals who have the habit of doing sports, healthy, happy, respectful to their elders and youngsters, confident, can speak at least one foreign language fluently with quality equipment in hygenic facilities.

To evolve into a sports club from an instutionalized and trademarked sports school, contributing the sports world, having a wide audience, without compensating from quality and education.



  • While children do the sport they like, enabling them to speak English in a natural environment without coercion, raising their awareness to foreign languages, offering them developing their language skills,

  • For children to show themselves in the best way possible, providing the best instructors, facilities and equipments to branches we are active on,

  • Offering the environment to the children of foreign families living in the city we are in to do sports and socialize with both Turkish children and children of other countries to adapt in the best way possible,

  • Giving them the opportunity to commingle with children of different cultures and countries and adapting them to the multicultural way of globalizing world from a young age, raising the mutual respect and tolerance for differences, sympathy and understanding,

  • While they are doing the sports the like, having children whose mother language is not English or children who are learning English gain confidence in speaking foreign languages and increasing their interest in the language,

  • As they will need to talk English at our sports school willingly, they will be able to improve their English with practice, providing them to be one step further from other children of their age and school,

  • Having created a smaller model, without the need of going abroad, your children will be able to practice English more, and accelerate their journey on learning languages.



Hemen Ara