The branch of Soccer is generally loved by many kids, help them grow and improve without even realizing they are doing sports. Soccer strengthens muscle and skeletal system and improves their aerobic capacity.
Because it’s a team sport, it helps children to adopt team spirit. Played in the open air, Soccer is an important branch for individuals to grow more durable and psychologically strong. Because of the number of kids to instructors, we can look after children and their progress thoroughly. Our technical team who are in good contact with kids are Ankara’s best-experienced instructors.
Soccer, which is a fun sport that children generally like very much, allows children to do sports and develop without being aware of what they are doing. Soccer, which improves the aerobic capacity of children, strengthens the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, since it is a team sport, it ensures that the spirit of being a team is adopted by the child. Outdoor football is an important sport that is recommended for raising more durable and psychologically stronger individuals. 
Since the number of children per teacher is low, we can take care of children more and focus on their  development more.  Our experienced technical team, who is good with children, is one of the experienced
instructors of Ankara.

Working Hours and Location

Our soccer training takes place in Bahçelievler and Ümitköy. For detailed information, you can contact us on our contact number (+90) 312 806 3613 or on our whatsapp line (+90) 312 806 50 01.
Hemen Ara