2020 MUCSS Sports School Winter Camp2

We organized an another MUCSS Winter Sports School Camp for children who will be in Ankara during the second winter holiday of the international schools.
Our aim was again to enable our children to get familiar with new sports in safe and entertaining environments, while making new friends with various games and activities.
In this camp, which will take place in the English language of instruction, we will be looking forward to children of different cultures and countries.
We have planned to recover their energy, which they will have spent during the day with breakfast, lunch and afternoon meals prepared by Bahçelievler Shoppe and İncek Denizatı Restaurants.
A shuttle service from the Çankaya district was prepared for the families who will need.
In this camp, which is dominated by French language because of the immense participation from the French school, though we sometimes had difficult times in English lessons. English has become the common language once again. Although we have only one Turkish child due to the holiday of Turkish schools. We had kids from our foreign families from France, China, Palestine, USA, and Morocco who are living in our country, enlivened the second part of our winter camp.
To see some of our children from our first camp again in this second one among us, gave us an ineffable sense of joy.


Hemen Ara