Kids Pilates

Pilates, founded by Joseph Hubert Pilates is known by the founder’s surname. Pilates’ benefits are not only limited to balance and flexibility improvements. It strengthens all muscles and if done properly, it relieves back pains. This branch which helps the posture is quite popular among adults nowadays as well.
Pilates is also the right sport to fight obesity in kids. It helps the skeletal system and improves the cardiovascular system. It includes colorful equipment and balls that make Kid’s Pilates class joyful.
We thought of parents, too and our pilates class for adults will start soon.

  Location and Hours

İlkbahar Mah. Turan Güneş Bulvarı 592. Sokak No: 4/B ÇANKAYA / ANKARA adress.

We are preparing a big surprise with our new address for our Pilates classes Pre-registration for pilates classes are continuing.

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