Founder’s Letter…

With our experienced instructors who have experiences at abroad, I’m excited and honored to introduce our Multicultural Sports School Project.

I have experienced my elementary years and my childhood at Germany as a foreigner experiencing the social life. As a foreigner child at Germany, with the inspiration drawn from my hardships at socializing and gaining friends, I wished to aid the children and their integration and to the global society we live in.

Our many sportive and educational branches in our project MUCSS aim the integration of children from different cultures and nations. This sports-themed educational project commingle our Turkish children and children of foreigners living in Ankara, serves to an abundance of purposes while enabling a double-wayed integration

On one hand our guest children make friends with each other as well as with Turkish children and feeling theirself not as a foreign, on the other hand our Turkish children commingle with different cultures. They Thus they will be able to see how fun and easy meeting with other cultures. In this process of commingle, children are able to see foreign language’s importance and necessity and add a fundamental aspect to their lives unconsciously.

Learning languages is even hard for grown-ups, and it’s a well known fact children tend to show resistance towards learning languages as they find it unnecessary and meaningless. As MUCSS, we raise children’s awareness and teach them learning new languages in fact is not hard and a vital skill.

With the experience we gained, we learned it is not limited with Turkish children’s reaction to English. We observed French, German, Korean and many other children from many different countries benefit from our project equally, improve their English with the sportive activites they like and accept why they need to learn this language as they live.

Additional we are working with the Germany Ice Hockey Federation for the infrastructure of another project that will benefit both Germany and Turkey. Together with MKISS- Multi Kultürel Integration Sport & Sozial Förderverein fraternity is being prepared and together we are working towards a project which has not been actualized before. We can look at the future with hopeful eyes with these projects and works that will light children’s self-improvements. To be able to sow the seeds of individuals who will have strong integration skills, equipped with strong communication skills at their early age of youth, gives us excitement and to be a turning point in the life of our children. With this emotion in these projects we preserve our dedication and excitement of the first day.

                                                                Cüneyt KOZAN


Hemen Ara