2021 Summer School

The Covid19 virus epidemic, which has deeply affected the world for a long time, forced us to change in many ways. Some of these changes include: social distances that have become indispensable in our lives, the deformation of our concept of contact, isolation from social environments, our internal and external anxiety levels, our job descriptions, differences in the places we live in and time and many more.The epidemic is not over yet, and therefore we have not reached the stage of abandoning the measures yet.

As the Multicultural Sports School, our wish is that the epidemic will decrease to the maximum levels and gradually disappear from our lives after the strict measures and vaccination practices recently taken.

As each of us know, children were more affected than adults in this period. Concepts and phenomena in the world have become different for our children who are in the stage of development. Especially our young children have begun to get to know the world in its new form.

Our children, who had to be at home and away from their friends for a long time, were the most affected in terms of social relations. Although isolation is essential for health, it has inevitably negative effects on children’s social lives. During this process, our children were quite worn out both physiologically and mentally.The children in the house lost their mobility and their interaction was mentally restricted.

As a positive effect, we have observed the sadness and brutality of being alone. As adults and children altogether: we understood the importance of helping each other, being together, producing together, and developing together more than ever. As in every disease, the most important elements that can ensure that the body has resistance and the immune system gets stronger during this epidemic are sports, nutrition and rest.

Believing that the epidemic will be brought under control after the measures taken, we started our 2021 MUCSS English Sports Summer School studies. As the MUCSS family, we prepare our programs on the basis of health and hygiene measures, as the ultimate goal, to make our children forget the depressing period they experience.

We are very excited and hopeful for our 2021 English Sports Summer School, where we will start our work as soon as the epidemic is brought under control. We will re-imbibe the concept of integrative integration, which is at the main purpose of our missions, again and again this year in our summer school.

While planning the main branches of our Summer School, we care about our children’s mentally and physiologically gains..

In our summer school program, there are many branches such as Horse Riding, Creative Drama, Kids Zumba, Chess, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Handcrafting, Tennis, Football, Travel, Kids Pilates, Gymnastics, Painting, Kids Yoga and Ice Skating.

The language of instruction of each branch in our summer school planned for 2021 will be English, as we implement all the time.

In addition to our summer camps organized in previous years, this year we opened our MUCSS Studio Dance and Ballet Hall. It includes different creative branches such as Creative Drama, Child Yoga, Child Zumba, Painting, Handcraft and Child Pilates have been added. Our English Sports Summer School, which opens its doors to children from nearly twenty different countries and cultures; allocated 30-40% percent for our Turkish children according to their age groups. You can also take advantage of our discounted pre-registration option, which continues until May 19, 2021, and you can reserve your place at our English Sports Summer School before our quotas have reached the occupancy rate.

We organize our programs with our instructors who adopt pedagogical approaches in the field and have proficiency in the field and English language knowledge. Each of our branches and each of our instructors who teach these branches carefully observe the children and provide feedback to the families. In this process where children experience different branches and their talents and skills are observed, simultaneously with their presence in sports and art; We observe them to enjoy, have fun and make friendships with each other and create intercultural interactions basically because it is our integration project.

Our instructors and we are looking forward to the beautiful days to come with hope and excitement, and we look forward to presenting our programs that we have prepared. You can watch the photos of our past summer schools from the album below until our new pictures were taken from our 2021 MUCSS English Sports Summer School. You can find more in our Facebook and Instagram albums.


Hemen Ara