As Multi-Cultural Sports School, we held a successful summer school this year, as in 2020, despite the Pandemic. Our sports camp, which has become a full integration project with children from many countries, has become a good and useful activity program for families from different countries during the summer period.

In addition to the USA, Australia, England, Israel, Sweden, France, Poland, Morocco, South Sudan, Egypt, Czechia, Greece and Turkey, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Norway, It ended with the participation of about 160 children from Romania, Poland, North African countries.

Thanks to the program, which includes basketball, volleyball, tennis, pilates, gymnastics, ice skating, children’s yoga, swimming, archery, horse riding, creative drama, cultural games, handicrafts and various excursions, children discover and develop their sports and artistic skills while at the same time communicating. also increased their capacity. Children coming together from dozens of different countries had the opportunity to learn a foreign language and practice in social life, while experiencing cultural exchange at an early age. With the self-confidence added by leaving the comfort zone and spending individual time apart from the family, the children also strengthened their social aspects while experiencing communication in a foreign language, and realized their competence and ability to take responsibility.

Children who spent time with their peers in groups created separately for each age range felt more comfortable and could adapt quickly. With the observation and support of our experienced and professional trainers, the children who discovered their interests and talents were encouraged to take regular lessons by taking one more step to improve themselves in their fields. Our MUCSS sports school trainers and consultants were aware of the importance of not only the basic physical and motor skills of children in the developmental stage, but also their psycho-social skills. In this direction, separate evaluations were made for each child and awareness of psychological development was created. We would like to share only some of those who expressed their happiness for families who have delivered their children to a safe area;

“We would like to thank everyone who spent time with our children during this process. He spent a wonderful summer with you, made new friends besides sports and entertainment, you have overcome this challenging organization with pleasure. Hope to be together again next year!”

“ Thank you so much to you and the whole team for a great summer. The children had a lot of fun at the camp this summer. We greatly appreciate everything you do to make sure the kids have a fun and safe summer!”

“Many thanks to all the teachers and organizers for everything. Oğuz Bilge had a great time at MUCSS. Hope to see you in other organizations!”

In our Winter and Spring camps, we will meet again with our children from all over the world in different branches. The aim of the program is to reduce the tiredness and stress of the period by continuing the education and language development of children, while having fun, especially with sports, dance and art lessons. Our winter camp, which is a great opportunity not to lose their motivation and to return to the sport they missed during the school period, will host our children all day with an intensified program. Please do not forget to follow us.

Believing that the epidemic will be brought under control after the measures taken, we started our 2021 MUCSS English Sports Summer School studies. As the MUCSS family, we prepare our programs on the basis of health and hygiene measures, as the ultimate goal, to make our children forget the depressing period they experience.

We are very excited and hopeful for our 2021 English Sports Summer School, where we will start our work as soon as the epidemic is brought under control. We will re-imbibe the concept of integrative integration, which is at the main purpose of our missions, again and again this year in our summer school.

While planning the main branches of our Summer School, we care about our children’s mentally and physiologically gains..

In our summer school program, there are many branches such as Horse Riding, Creative Drama, Kids Zumba, Chess, Basketball, Swimming, Badminton, Handcrafting, Tennis, Football, Travel, Kids Pilates, Gymnastics, Painting, Kids Yoga and Ice Skating.

The language of instruction of each branch in our summer school planned for 2021 will be English, as we implement all the time.

In addition to our summer camps organized in previous years, this year we opened our MUCSS Studio Dance and Ballet Hall. It includes different creative branches such as Creative Drama, Child Yoga, Child Zumba, Painting, Handcraft and Child Pilates have been added. Our English Sports Summer School, which opens its doors to children from nearly twenty different countries and cultures; allocated 30-40% percent for our Turkish children according to their age groups. You can also take advantage of our discounted pre-registration option, which continues until May 19, 2021, and you can reserve your place at our English Sports Summer School before our quotas have reached the occupancy rate.

We organize our programs with our instructors who adopt pedagogical approaches in the field and have proficiency in the field and English language knowledge. Each of our branches and each of our instructors who teach these branches carefully observe the children and provide feedback to the families. In this process where children experience different branches and their talents and skills are observed, simultaneously with their presence in sports and art; We observe them to enjoy, have fun and make friendships with each other and create intercultural interactions basically because it is our integration project.

Our instructors and we are looking forward to the beautiful days to come with hope and excitement, and we look forward to presenting our programs that we have prepared. You can watch the photos of our past summer schools from the album below until our new pictures were taken from our 2021 MUCSS English Sports Summer School. You can find more in our Facebook and Instagram albums.


Hemen Ara