FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We operate at various chosen facilities in the Çankaya region, special for sports branches. You can get more information at sports branches and facilities pages, as well as call us anytime.
Our lessons are in the English language. Upon demand, we might consider creating projects in different languages as well. As Multi-Cultural Sports School, our mission is to gather children of different nationalities and create friendships between them.
In our sports school, all branches and organizations are for all children of all nationalities. It’s a project for kids that their mother language is not English that they can benefit from it as well. Our aim was to create an environment that they won’t feel alienated, and for kids that would like to learn English and can practice it in an ideal natural environment. For not having Turkish children as a majority, we have a quota of 40% for their participation and in some cases, we drop this to 30%.
We have different prices for the branches because of their costs. We are working with three different prices acoord their term length. We have 1 term prices which are limited with 4 weeks. And discounted prices for 3 term or 5 terms. We provide a 15% discount for a second branch. For more detailed info, you can always call us. Our camp prices are offered daily and weekly and we offer discounts for long term enrollment. In both our camps and after school sports branches we offer 20% discount for the second sibling and 10% for third or more siblings.
Changing with student number and demanded district we provide shuttle services. We have a contract with a private tourism company and we carry your kids according to student laws and instructions with newfangled vehicles.
Generally, our aim is 4-12 years of age. According to the child’s interests and capabilities, for branches such as gymnastics, ice skating, horse riding, and swimming we may accept smaller kids.
With the negative experience we gained at the beginning of our project through trial lessons, we do not recommend trial lessons, and offer at least a monthly period as a trial lesson. We observed little children who come through parent’s will, sometimes we cannot have a reliable result in one lesson. In order to find your kid’s interests and talents, a longer period is required. If the child decides not to go on, a refund or switching to a different branch is possible. Don’t forget to call us for one-on-one lessons and group lessons!


Hemen Ara