In Swimming where all the body is being used, this branch increases flexibility, muscle strength, and cardiovascular durability. With those abilities, Swimming is apart from other sports branches and with it, children turn into much more healthy individuals. It’s a sport where the risk of injury is close to zero. Swimming starts up all the muscles in the body, and its recommended for kids who are just starting to do sports.
We work with two instructors in small groups. This both lowers the danger risk and also helps us to keep an eye on all kids at the same time. Besides technical education, with game planning, we turn it into a lesson where kids won’t get bored and have fun.


Swimming branch in which the whole body is used; increases flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. With this feature, it distinguishes itself from other types of sports and thanks to it, children become much healthier individuals. Although it is very important for the physical development of children, the risk of injury is almost non-existent. It is especially recommended for children who will start sports at a young age, as it works all muscle groups in the body.
We work with two instructors in our groups that we have created with a small number of children. This situation both reduces the risk of danger and increases our dominance in the education of children. In addition to technical education, we make it a lesson where children will not get bored and come with pleasure through game planning.

Location and Hours

Our swimming trainings take place in Yukarı Dikmen, Asrın Park and Ayrancı as group and private lessons. For detailed information, you can contact us on our contact number (+90) 312 806 3613 or on our whatsapp line (+90) 312 806 50 01.
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