Mucss 2020 Summer School

2020 Summer School

We wish the Covid19 virus epidemic that has affected the world leaves our country as soon as possible and life returns to normal. The 2020 MUCSS English Sports Summer School took place in the shadow of the Pandemic with our great measures and we were able to complete it without encountering any cases. We were able to offer our children the opportunity of sports and entertainment without encountering any incidents, with the support of families by keeping the staff, instructors and children under close follow-up with daily HES checks, fever measurements 4 times a day.

It was most important to survive this period in which nature taught us with health and the most positive results. We hope that this natural disaster will enable us to learn important lessons. In this period when the importance of acting together and helping each other is felt again, we hope that all the experiences will enable us to embrace these hygiene and health issues even more.

As in every disease, the only factors that will ensure high body resistance and a strong immune system in this epidemic are sports, nutrition and rest. With our health and hygiene measures, we successfully left the summer school period behind us, which will make our children forget the boring and weary period. We are grateful to all of our staff, trainers and administrators. Especially to our families who trust us in this risky period. Of course, we owe a special thank you to our families who believed in us and insisted on this organization, while we did not have the thought of making the 2020 summer school.

We are already excited for our next English Sports Summer School, which we will launch as soon as the epidemic is brought under control. We will work on the concept of unifying integration, which is at the beginning of our missions, as we apply in our summer school every year.

Our children, who have been eating and resting abundantly this year, are unfortunately limited into doing sports. However, our children who attended the MUCSS English Sports School had the opportunity to do lots of sports on this matter. Moreover, they encountered branches that they had never tried before and had lots of fun. They felt the existence of different countries by making new friends. In our English sports summer school, children who are not native speakers of English were exposed to English language and felt the need for it. We hope that they can make good use of this beginning in their schools and homes and use this language in the future just like their Turkish.


From Ice Skating to Swimming, from Travel Activities to Horseback Riding, many more sports and activities have taken place, and our children traveled comfortably from facilities to facilities in a safe environment with the latest model vehicles of GNY Tourism and Travel Agency. We can say that some of our fun parts take place during these transports. With the planning of our trainers, the children were seated in their planned places, and our integration work continued here as well. In the İncek Denizatı Restaurant areas, our children were fed well during their breakfast, lunch and dinner time, and they were provided with quality service and receiving in all areas including nutrition during the camp.

With our Ufuk University İncek Campus, Altındağ Ice Rink sports facilities and Alaçatlı Equestrian facility and our sportive and educational activities with new programs on each trip, our children from different cultures were able to experience a colorful program again.

Our sports-oriented summer school, held in the language of English education, has opened its doors to children from different countries and cultures. We took care not to spoil the weight of the children whose native language is English by applying a quota of 30-40% to our Turkish children according to their age groups. We can say that our instructors are also looking forward to our next summer school in our summer school, which we can say that they also had a lot of fun.

Our new pictures from our 2020 MUCSS English Sports Summer School have already received their dignitaries in their albums. You can watch the pictures of our fun moments from the album below and find more in our Facebook albums. Please follow our Twitter address for up-to-date news.

You can watch the pictures of our fun moments from our previous summer schools in the album below, until our 2020 MUCSS English Sports Summer School will take place with new pictures, and you can find more on our Facebook albums. Please follow our Twitter address for our current news.


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