2019 Spring Sports School

2019 MUCSS Sports School Spring Camp1

With only one parent’s wish, we organized our first 2019 Spring Sports School Camp as a test between February 18 – March 01. The attendance was low with few children from the United States and one from Afghanistan, however we did not cancel.
2019 Spring Sports School Camp our kids got familiar with swimming, horse riding, ice skating to children’s yoga, maybe some branches that they experienced for the first time. They spent an enjoyable two weeks by increasing our excursion programs in order to prevent our children from getting bored. In fact, we had fun with our organization, which was a semi-holiday among us.
Our program cares about a balanced diet and was prepared by an dietician. With Shoppe Restaurant’s attentive chefs and waiters, we helped them regain their lost energies back with our breakfast, lunch, and snacks.


Hemen Ara