The last two years during the pandemic period, have been difficult for children especially for keeping their active life, as many of them were left without doing sports. Unfortunately they were more connected to tablets and phones at home that led to health problems.

While we were not planning to organize our Summer Sports School organization in 2020, when the pandemic started, we had to do it due to the insistent demands of some of our parents and some embassies. We managed to do it with great success as the facilities we chose already included most of the pandemic measures. After the 2020 MUCSS Sports Summer School, we held our most successful summer school during the summer of 2021 which turned into a riot of colors with 180 children from 22 different countries.

MUCSS Sports Summer School in English of 2022 is approaching with many new surprises this year as well.

For the first time, we are going to add new branches in two different fields. Upon incoming requests and interests, in addition to our strong staff, Binay Tennis Academy, one of the cornerstones of Turkey’s tennis sports, along with the STUDIO byMUCSS Dance and Ballet Hall, we will add specialized Ballet and Tennis classes with well equipped trainers.

As an innovation project we also offer a renewed program for ages 3-5 years old. Our new project, which is the first Sport-themed Preschool and Kindergarten in Turkey, is ready to offer summer school opportunities for our little ones with its workshops and playgrounds. Our 5-year-old children are at the limit age and can still take part in our main summer sports school upon the request of their families.

We believe that we will make a difference with these three innovations, and offer a rich choice of alternatives for the families who want their children to have a different summer holiday.

Our Summer School, which will be the fifth this year, will be held in the English language,and unfortunately, we apply a quota to our Turkish children according to their age group to ensure that the mother tongue does not change from English to Turkish, as well as to ensure our cultural integration mission. We recommend you to register in advance due to big demand.

We also offer transportation service within the limits of our routines for our families who do not have the time or the opportunity to pick up their kids. There is an additional payment in the summer school fee for this..

Please call us to get more details about our weekly and long-term discounts and 3-week prices for two following weeks.

English language education support for non-native English speakers before and after our camp and during the MUCSS sports camps offer ideal environments for families who want their kids to pick up a new language. Children who know foreign languages, but prefer not to speak, understand the need and importance of a foreign language in our camps, we break down these negative prejudices and open up their positive perceptions of this area. You can also get information about our after school foreign language courses that will be held on the weekends and weekday evenings.

Hemen Ara