With the opening of school, and with children’s compulsory lessons and studies, opportunities for sports and fun activities get limited. This brings grave risks to children’s evolution. That is why sports schools are perfect opportunities for kids. Your child, tired of the pressure of school and studies, sometimes even suffocated, will be able to get rid of all stress and tiredness at our sports school.
Children grow physically and psychologically at our sports school, as well as make new friends. They can choose the sports and educational branches they’d like to learn. With the feeling of belonging that they develop in time, they will care about what they learn and reinforce the friendships they gained here.
Whether sports is a team one or individual one, they learn to be a team at MUCSS. They learn feelings such as sharing, loyalty, discipline, leadership and learn to take responsibilities and goal setting.


Because of our mission and vision, with the help of our technical team who are experienced in their respective branches and have pedagogic formation, your child will gain new friends of different cultures and can practice English in an environment with no pressure and develop skills naturally.
Our Turkish children rate is limited up to 40% and thus they will feel the need to speak English in an environment full of foreign kids.
For our groups differing between 4-12 ages, we give our lessons in groups according to their age and capabilities.
We work with teachers who are successful in their sports branches and loving and caring towards children.
In our school, sport is a tool, our primary goal is for children to socialize in the multi-cultural environment that we provide, make friendships with children from different countries and have them develop confidence and take a step forward to be a citizen of the world.
For children whose mother tongue is not English, children will learn the branch’s attributes and have fun with the sport they like, increase their English awareness.
We help children to prepare for life. In our sportive branches, friendship, sharing, the concept of teammates, respect, and competition are our main values to teach.
As every child has different predisposition to different branches but also have different talents, we provide secret talent scans and give feedback to the families, and guide them into the right branch.
Our sports school is a social place where education is mixed with fun.

Our Branches

It is a well-known fact that sports aid children’s physical, cognitive and psychological development in a positive way.
Some kids enjoy team sports while some enjoy individual ones. Keeping an eye at our children’s differences and areas of interest we determined our sports branches. We do not forget children who are interested in arts as well. In our MUCSS English Sports School, we always listen to our children and help them choose the sports branch according to their predisposition and choice.



Hemen Ara