What is MKISS?

MKISS –Multi Kulturell Integration Sport&SozialFördervereine.V. is the abbreviation of the association and a pilot project which will work on integration through sports.
The association will work towards the aim of foreign families living in Germany and help children start sports in German sports clubs operating in the city they live in. A vital duty of the association is to follow kids with potential and talent and aid and help them in their sports journey.
Lest the generation growing in overseas separate and assimilate from their country, the association will work towards the goal of helping them gaining numerous important traditions, and to create important bridges with sportsmen raised in their countries. On one hand, we give the opportunity to experience abroad for children in their hometown country, in another hand we aim to offer children raised abroad to have sportive environments in their countries. Our belief for this project of the mutual integration will be an important one as profound.





Hemen Ara