Sports Practices in English

  • In our sports school we train in English. Our instructors, who held the pedagogical formation training, are establishing the dialogues with our children in English,

  • Turkish children’s participation rate is limited to 40%. They are feeling compelled to speak the English language, where the children in our environment are most from different foreign countries,

  • With the guidance of our instructors and teachers, who are experienced in their branches and have pedagogical formation your child can make new friends from different cultures . In accordance with our mission and goals they can realize their speaking of English in a natural process that nobody forces. Native speaking kids can feel themselves like in their homes and not like a foreigner in a foreign country.

  • In our branches, which are an invaluable opportunity for children whose mother tongue is not English, can increase their English awareness and make a significant contribution to their foreign language learning in their schools and learn the particulars of the branch while having fun with their favorite sports branches,

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Hemen Ara